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The breakthrough solution in the house allergy management

Decrease the level of allergens in your house to reduce the allergy symptoms.

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What is hidden in the dust?

House dust contains almost all the allergens
present at home. It should be remembered that the allergens related
to the house dust are the ones causing
most of the year – round allergic diseases.

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Get to know the allergens that can be neutralised by Allergoff®

The are invisible at first sight but you need to realize there are lots of them. Perennial aeroallergens are responsible for causing the allergic reactions to  a sensitised person.

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The mattress
– the source of allergens

Mattresses and beds are the main source of allergens – thousands of mites can be present in 1 gram of house dust. It has been proven that 100 specimen in 1 gram of house dust is enough to cause an allergic reaction.

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There is a strong link between the house-dust allergens’
presence and the development of the allergy and the bronchial asthma.
As it was proven by the ARIA report, avoiding
the allergens is a crucial part of the allergy prevention.

Find out how to protect your child

Washing is not enough

Allergoff® washing additive
neutralises allergens from fabrics.

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Do you know that
Allergoff® is safe
for your child?

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